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• Top notch in-house production with attention to detail quality check.
• Available from standard to tailored prescription.
•Also available with state of the art technologies: Photochromic & DuraCoating.

Single Vision Individual:

SIGNO Single Vision with Advanced freeform technology allows more precision compared to conventional single vision lenses, leading to clear and sharp vision.
Conventional aspheric and atoric single vision lenses can only be designed for a very limited number of ‘average’ sphere powers across the Rx range. As a result, most prescriptions have some degree of power error in the lens periphery. The new SIGNO Single Vision freeform technology eliminates these very visual design compromises.
SIGNO freeform lenses are tailored to your prescription including: sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base. Point-by-point optimization is applied over the entire lens, leading to an even more comfortable single vision design.

Spherical Lens
Peripheral distortions.

Aspherical Lens
Marginal Peripheral distortions.

Customized Aspherical Lens
Optimum vision, in Peripheral areas.

Single Vision Patient benefits:

• Optimum vision in all directions.

• Excellent vision right to the edge of the lens, even with high prescriptions.

• Relaxed vision with minimum eye fatigue and natural contrast sensitivity.

• Thinner and flatter lenses for improved cosmetic outcome.

• Outstanding wearer tolerance, also with high cylinders and prismatic corrections.

• Superb visual clarity and colour perception.

• Improved clarity and sharp vision.

• Improved night and low light vision, if technology is added.