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The New Signo Progressive HDV:

Our screen-obsessed culture has put a toll on our eyes. That is why you need modern solutions for all your vision challenges. SIGNO presents multifocal lens that is custom-made for work, studies and general usage. The New HDV design offers a wide vision for all areas and a comfortable change between near and far vision for an outstanding all around vision. Your view will be really natural and you’ll even be able to read small digital information. Independent of the lifestyle, with the HDV design you meet highest expectation.

EYE-Care Technology

Eye-c stands for “evaluate your eye centre rotation” i.e. For realizing the eye’s middle of rotation , the attractiveness of the main edge product is similarly stronger by technical improvements which includes increased attention of the location of the eye’s center of rotation, further reduction of the lens thickness and realistic improvements for the patient session process for your exercise.

Luminance Design Technology

Luminance Design technology is one of the latest innovations in eye care that improves your overall vision. It also overcomes the limitation of the traditional lens, precisely because the size of the natural pupil was ignored. Luminance Design Technology, on the other hand, improves the quality of spectacle lens design, ensuring clarity in both bright & low light conditions.