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Photochromic – Get some sunshine in your life.

Photochromic lenses remain clear indoors and darken automatically when you go out in the sun. SIGNO photochromic is 10% faster than any other on the market. Enter the dark mode to relax your eyes in light of the sun. Protect your eyes from UV rays every time you go outdoors. Perfect for those who have to walk, drive (or play) during the day

PhotoChromic by SIGNO:

Fast Reaction
Darkens to 75% in 35 – 40 seconds*
Fade back to 10% in 3 – 4 minutes

Light & Dark State
Light State: upto 10%
Dark State: upto 75%

Not only consistent in colors, but also
provides an amazing look indoor and outdoor.

Full Protection
100% UV protection again scorching

Self-tinting strong performance
Layer of protection with our
powerful Dura/DuraPlus Coating*

SIGNO PhotoChromic Benefits:

Quick response to changing light for more comfort.
For optimum vision it will be clear indoors and dark outside in the sun.
Almost 100% protection against the UV solar rays for supreme protection in bright sunlight.
Performance would be long lasting for long term satisfaction.
Brilliant color consistency ensuring a natural vision.
Gain more versatility out of one pair of lenses.
No need to carry a separate pair of sunglasses, your PhotoChromic lens got it all covered for you.
Provides greater comfort, since they reduce eyestrain and glare.

PhotoChromic a state-of-the-art technology for strong performance