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High confidence attracts professional prosperity.
Workplace is essential part of our life.

SIGNO Office Lens:

We spend a lot of time at our workplace or at home (i.e- enclosed areas). Ordinary lenses can make you feel tried and can lower your production levels. You can have tired Eyes, headaches and neck and back pain.
Eyes have to work harder in order to adjust vision every time you change your vision distance.

SIGNO ease at office lens with Median Distance Point (MedPoint) technology.

SIGNO MedPoint technology is the answer to your Eyes easiness. In order to deliver a convincing solution for everybody, We introduces MedPoint state of the art technology to overcome this everyday problem. SIGNO ease at office is tailored according to individual needs. SIGNO MedPoint technology provides you optimal vision from reading distance to 400cm.

Conventional Progressive lens:

Effect on posture:
Wearer usually leans inwards because it’s the only way to bring things in focus.
This uncomfortable posture often leads to unnecessary strain on wearer’s neck and back.

Office Ease lenses:

Our custom made solution for each user would enable them to a have clear vision in all three working area distances, in keeping with the individual wearer desires: 1. Reading, 2. Place of work and 3. Room distance.

Effect on posture:
Wearers can sit easily by keeping their head and neck in a natural position
Superb comfort through out the day.


Sharp visual performance for both near and intermediate.
Natural vision with ease for all activities at near and mid-range
Pleasant head and body postures
Tailored to one’s own visual distance from the near to intermediate range