A pathway to secure the durability of your lens

Strong Lenses, Strong You:

To live a healthy life, you need durable lenses, to deal with all the hard life, you lens should also be ready to keep up with the tough challenges of life.

DuraCoating is equivalent to a great partner in tough and hard times.

SIGNO eyeglass lenses with DuraCoating Technology.

The purpose of DuraCoating is to eliminate glare from artificial lights reflecting on your lenses such as computer screens, headlights at night or fluorescent (vividly colourful objects) lighting. Here at SIGNO we always recommend adding DuraCoating to your lenses. One of the biggest benefit of DuraCoating is reducing the eye strain and fatigue making your eyes more comfortable. Another major benefit is that when you’re wearing your eye glasses others dont see reflections on your lenses. At SIGNO, we use our premium DuraPlus coating. It is scratch and smudge resistant, it repels dust, dirt and water off of your lenses. Our coating helps keep your lenses cleaner and scratch free longer.

SIGNO DuraPlus Coating:

SIGNO DuraPlus lenses provide a host of benefits, clear vision being foremost among them. These anti-glare and scratch resistant lenses also provide protection against UV rays. They are water repellent, dust resistant and overall easy to clean and maintain.